Loong and Fenghuang

Twin rings.


Dragon "Loong" and phoenix "Fenghuang".


Collection "Matrimonium Alchemicus"

Matrimonium Alchemicus - Matrimonium Alchemicus - is a collection of five symbolic stories, five stages of evolution and transformation of feelings.
We hand over our feelings with timidity and a greedy hope of finding the same gift in return. We bend our heads in the grief of understanding the power of obstacles that keep us away from each other. We dive into passion imagining that it is the one and only eternal element. We hide our love in the silkworm's cocoon in a desperate attempt to save something that can obtain a new life again. But still we strive to raise an indestructible bastion for two, and become one soul in two bodies.
Alchemical marriage is a metaphor for a labyrinth of transformations from fear to love to hate to indifference and nevertheless to love again.
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